Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Morning!

So yesterday I didn't get a chance to blog, But I did try a new icing for some chocolate cupcakes I made!

Cream Cheese Frosting! And it was sooooooo yummy! Ask my cousin, She ate 4 :)

I made them for our "Degrassi Goes Hollywood" Movie night, they aired the show lastnight at 8pm.

Here are my yummy cupcakes!
These were some left overs without the signs!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Elvis!

So I received my Peanut Butter & Co cook book yesterday and couldn't WAIT to try it out!

Brandi and myself made the famous 'Elvis' sandwich and it was Sooo good! Even thou we were missing one ingredient, Honey!

See for yourself how yummy it looks! I cant wait to try out more yummy recipes!

The Elivs=Mmmmm

Weekend Off and my Fabulous Friends!

So I decided to not take on any cakes this weekend and just spend it doing anything besides cakes (Ha). Next weekend I have a big wedding order which I am pretty excited for!!

Its Friday, So that mean's movie night at Janet's! Also going to play beauty parlor and do each other's hair :)

Also doing 'wife' and 'mommy' things today with my Cousin Brandi and my baby girl!

Have a Fabulous Friday!

Xo Xo

I heart my Fabulous Friends!

Aren't we a great looking bunch!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Keep Coming Back!

So today is my 1st day to my new Cake blog, Its not only going to be about my cakes but also about my everyday life!

I'm also working on something exciting and new for my business, And cant wait to get it started!!

So keep checking back and see how interesting and busy I can get :)

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Diva Cakes for my ladies!

Christa's Birthday cake!
Janet's birthday cake!

Princess Cakes!

Princess castle cake!

My daughters 1st birthday cake! This cake has been VERY popular!

Some of my creations over the year

Twilight Cake!

My first time making a black forest cake and it turned out yummy!!

My 1st wedding cake!


Some of the cupcakes i've made over the year!
These were for St Patty' s Day!
Ice cream Sundae anyone?

Oreo Cupcakes

Mmmmm these were sooo good!

These hamburger cupcakes are a BIG hit!

Popcorn cupcakes for movie night!